“Shanty Raga”

Master Krishna Dās





“This music is born from Silence to bring us back to Silence”



All music composed by me is a language that lets me the possibility to express the ineffable.

My music is the result of experiences that have allowed me to enter ever more into contact with inner silence and with intimate teacher in each of us.

Living many years in North India, in “special places”, has given me the chance to met masters of wisdom and to share experiences with these most “holy men”.
The intensity of those special moments taught me, in time, to recognize that the infinite space surrounding us corresponds exactly to the universality of the individual soul in each living being.

It is from the deepest silence of our inner cosmos that we may hear and appreciate transcendental sounds and melodies.

My inclination has been to unite the different tone – colours of various musical instruments with the sounds of nature that I recorded during my years in India, in those special places during those particular moments.
Each serving and supporting the other.

Using Indian musical instruments has been most important because it has allowed  me to express more precisely the many aspects of human nature and his endless states of mind varying with the days, the years, the seasons, rains, sunsets, love, sadness, waiting, joy and so on.
Due to the characteristics of this music we may liken it to a sequence of sound images flowing before our inner vision.

It can be interesting experience even for the less proficient in this sort of music, close your eyes, abandon yourself and experience those spiritual moments that may derive

Master Krishna Dās








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Nanda Devi   

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