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Krishna Das is a master of Sitar and other Indian musical instruments, such as Surbahar, Saranghi, Harmonium etc.

Widely known and appreciated both in India and in Europe, where he give concerts six months a year, he devote his life to music, transfusing in it a deep sense of joy and inner enchantment. Krishna Das is a connoisseur and an interpreter of the ancient Veda philosophy, whose deep intuitions and powerful emotions he transmits through his music. Krishna Das is a composer of transcendental music," The music of the soul ", which is also found recorded on his several CDs and cassettes. The aim of transcendental music is that of inducing the listener, through the means o Mantra Yoga and Nada Yoga, into a state of profound relaxation and meditation. Mantra Yoga and Nada Yoga: two aspects of Yoga giving us information about the techniques of sounds and transcendental vibrations born in India over 5000 years and originated from the " Veda ", which are to be considered the source of Yoga. These techniques help the individual reaching a perfect state of physical and psychological balance. The transcendental sounds act upon the energies of the so called " Thin body " of all living beings, but especially of human beings, putting them in touch whith their inner self. The various therapeutical properties of techniques such as those used by Krishna Das, have recently been recognized also by western medicine, which labels them as " Music Therapy ". During his long stay in India, Krishna Das was the pupil of great spiritual and music masters. He was initiated by the great Master Pandit Ravi Shankar.





      Himalaya (India)


Krishna Das


After finishing secondary school he decides to investigate human nature and to put to a severe test his theories about it. He thus leaves for a long journey which takes him to different countries. He is especially attracted to Asia and particularly to India, which is universally recognized as the home of the greatest philosophers and inquirers into the things of the spirit of all the times and whose borders he crosses while still very young.

He chooses Himalaya as his base and here he starts studying the most advanced theories regarding Sounds and Transcendental Vibrations, as well as the meditation techniques handed down by the noble masters known as
Brothers of Light.
Thanks to his familiarity with the “Masters”, he is initiated in the knowledge of the secrets of the mind and of the infinite dimensions beyond it.
Naturally bent for the study of the Sounds and the Transcendental Vibrations, he is soon regarded as a Master himself and a “virtuoso” of such ancient musical instruments as the sitar, the surbahar, the saranghi, the santoor and the harmonium. He also specializes in the fascinating Vedic chant and in the harmonic chant.

In addition to this, being also a composer of Transcendental Music and an interpreter of the very ancient philosophy of the Veda, ha was entrusted by the Masters with the task of spreading the “Science of  Spiritual Knowledge” through the Codes of Knowledge related to  the complex Dimension of Highly Transcendental Sounds.

Krishna Das’s musical compositions or rendering of classical Indian pieces have long been used for radios and TV programmes all over the world. Artists of every kind have used his compositions for the most disparate purposes, as soundtracks for films, for instance, or whenever special atmospheres were required.

Award " Artist for Peace - Assisi 2002 " by United Artist for Peace

Krishna Das has been an intermediary between India and Western countries for over twentynine years. He promotes the spreading of Awareness through techniques of relaxation, meditation and analysis of thought power.

Member of World Yoga Council - Member of the International Yoga Federation - As added Councillor of European Yoga Federation

- Coordinator International Relations of World Movement for Yoga and European Yoga Federation -

Ambassador of Peace of The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines

- Adviser and Responsable head Himalaya office of World Movement for Yoga

- President of World Movement for Indian Fine Arts

He teaches in schools and international meetings aimed at the training of yoga teachers and psychologists. His concerts and seminars were often sponsored or approved by World Organisations such as WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF, FAO and others. Thanks to his commitment in the raising of funds for the Third World, he got in touch with heads of states, prime ministers such as Rajiv Gandhi, princes, diplomats, artists, men of culture but also common people and even outcasts. Whoever knows him, is favourably impressed by his unpretentiousness and adaptability.
 His immense patrimony is now at disposal of whoever decides to actively improve his or her way of life by attaining that state of awareness which is one of the most important gifts of the Masters to humanity.

Guest, speaker and/or teacher in Europe

In Europe, Krishna Das took part as a guest/ teacher or speaker in the following: Meetings of the Union Européenne de Yoga, Cittadella Cristiana of Assisi; International Meetings of Music Therapy; International Meetings of Transpersonal Psychology; World Meeting for Peace, Assisi; Concerts organized by important institutions such as the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna (Mozart Hall).
He gave concerts in the Auditorium of the Vatican See, he played on the occasion of international meetings and events, he took part in radio or TV programs such as the Italian TV serial “L’Incredibile” (The Unbelievable), and many others.


Curing with Music


Krishna Das


The “Curing with Music Project” is aimed at all those who are interested in disciplines or philosophies which deal with transmitting a deeper knowledge of Man’s energetic and psychophysical system. The straining factors to which everybody is nowadays exposed, lead to different types of energy unbalances of the body and of the mind.

Official science confirms that a great deal of complex pathologies are but forms of somatization deriving from the uneasiness of living with an “agitated” mind. The ancient Philosophy of Yoga informs us through the Science of Spiritual Knowledge, that no living being can escape “karma”, that is the Law of Cause and Effect. All this has its origin in the quality of our Thought/Forms, from which action and by consequence Destiny derive.

We can all too easily imagine the products of an “agitated” mind and the quality of action deriving from the Thought/Forms of such a mind! Not to mention the Destiny that such a starting point produces! Master Krishna Das has long been involved in the divulgation of techniques having their origin in the Ancient Discipline and Philosophy of Yoga and regarding in particular Transcendental Sounds and Vibrations. The “Veda”, which are the very source of Yoga, inform us that whoever experiences by means of the Nada/Mantra Yoga (Yoga of Energy) techniques having to do with Transcendental Sounds and Vibrations, can start processes of purification of the centres of energy  resulting  in the calming down of an “agitated” mind.

Such techniques are 5000 years old and have been put to test by human beings for the whole length of this period!
It is also worth noting that these ancient techniques are extremely modern in their effect on man’s present situation, especially as far as his relationship with himself and the social context is concerned.

The “Curing with Music Project” offers to whoever is interested the opportunity of experiencing the potentialities of the dimensions opening up beyond the barriers of Rational Mind. It also enables to reach states of conscience such as to allow actual control of the mind and to favour its highest qualities.
Such important results help whoever reaches them to skip the conditionings which taint his or her evolution process.
Thanks to its originality of vision and to the special techniques employed, the “Curing with Music Project” enables everyone to reach satisfying results already within the three sessions of work suggested.  





It has its remote origin in the Veda singing and it was orally transmitted from master to disciple. Its essence has remained unchanged trough the centuries.
It is based on the ancient system of the Raga.




Trough the repetitive use of few basic notes whit plenty of ornaments and glissandi, they express the various aspects of human nature and its states of beings, linked to the different moments o the day or the year: the seasons, the rain the sunset, love, sorrow, waiting etc.


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